Told from the perspective of a young woman in a conversation with her friend, Lipstick box is a story within a story, that explores the relationship of a girl and her bullies. The two woman seek to find the perfect response for this girl to her bullies, and in doing so reveal a lot about themselves.

Written and directed by Celine Cotran, this was her debut short. Matchbox provided the crew and technical support in order to produce the film.

Lipstick box was a fantastic experience from start to finish. What particularly interested me about the script is that it was so personal to the director.  It was a story only she could truly tell and I was curious to find out how she would. Through a series of eclectic techniques and styles, Celine made a great short that has a beautiful abstract quality. The film was entirely shot on location at a school and had some fascinating props, including a working 1930’s 8mm film projector.  We managed to create a rapid turnaround including casting, production, editing, ADR, grading and original score all ending under budget and with weeks to spare. All in all a great short film we are proud to have produced and been involved with.

“Thanks again so so much, you’ve been an amazing producer, and the crew are all so lovely. I feel so lucky that my first experience on set was that good.” – Celine Cotran.

  • Digital (Canon 5D) 
  • Running time: 5 Minutes
  • Writer& Director: Celine Cotran
  • Producer: Alexander Nally
  • Lead Actors: Sen Enver, Emma Jane Richardson, Flora Hellman

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