Heading West is a film documenting three friends from Oxford, England as they drive across the United States of America. It follows their personal experience of the trip and attempts to share, in part, their journey.

This film was entirely captured on-the-go as I drove across the USA from New York to San Francisco.

Everything that happened during the journey was completely natural, there was no staging or planning. Everything was live. If we encountered something interesting I would film it. If we met someone interesting I would interview them. The purpose of the film started out just as a sort of diary record of what we were doing. However it evolved into so much more as time passed. It became a challenge to capture things, to try and discover what was interesting about a place. I found it fascinating to try and highlight the difference between the states and also the difference in the people we met. Riding endless Greyhound buses gave a completely different experience to when we rented a car. How did people respond to us being British? How interesting could what was essentially a “holiday video” become? These were questions I wanted to answer and while the quality of the film and its sound are not perfect, (and it speaks more to those who know the three of us travelling), it was still an interesting experiment into documentary filmmaking.

  • Digital (Samsung HD)
  • Running time: 40 Minutes
  • Director, photographer, editor: Alexander Nally