In a post-apocalyptic world a young couple squat in a dirty basement, the only place worse than this room is outside the door. Between them they have one bullet. It is a story about hope and despair and the things you do for those you love.

This film was an exercise as part of my advanced Directors course at Central Film School London. A task to practice working with actors. We had one day to workshop an idea with some actors we’d never met and then one day to film what we had prepared. It was a manic rush and truly challenging.

We had to shoot in the studio with a tiny crew, which is why the production quality and acoustics are so poor. However it was knowing this that I decided to set mine in a hellish world, as I believed that by trashing the rubbish studio our school insisted we worked in, then we could make something bad look bad. The rest of the day was spent developing this idea and making it work between the actors I was given. I then used their improvisation as the basis for my script.

The following day we spent a few hours lighting and dressing the set and then shot the film. I kept the shot choices simple in order to leave time to focus on performance as well as maintain an intimate atmosphere between my characters. I later digitally removed a lot of colour saturation to give it a sad ‘dying’ feel. At our screening this film was well received although I am still unsure about it. It would be nice to re-shoot it with some proper production design.

  • Digital (Sony EX3) 
  • Running time: 6 Minutes
  • Writer & Director: Alexander Nally
  • Lead Actors: Candice Earle-Hutton, Richard Asher
  • Cinematographer: Rory Macmillan