Friday night. East London. A group of friends are approached for change in the street- but refusing to spare some could become the biggest mistake of their lives. This was no ordinary beggar. The streets soon become a hunting ground as “Charlie Frost” claims his fare in blood.

As my first independent production, this project came to me from a very eager writer who loves the horror genre.

After a long discussion we decided we wanted a very gritty ‘London’  feel to our film and considering we had no money and were based in East London we decided to set it in the local neighbourhood. We visited many of the locations that ‘Jack the Ripper’ had once committed his murders (and much of the film was shot on these same locations.) I then left him to form the screenplay and set about gathering a team. We managed to rapidly create the costumes, book the actors and shoot the film in two evenings late January. I then edited the footage myself. It was a very strange ‘guerrilla’ shoot- mainly done handheld as we ran around the streets at night. As it was crewed by friends it was very relaxed and the entire project cost no more than £20 which was a hard achievement but great fun.

Although it is technically a ‘slasher-horror’, the story was supposed to be more atmospheric then bloody. I got a great sound editor involved and worked closely with him to create a sound mix that complimented the footage and helped bring that atmosphere together. To try and add a little more to the story itself I created a parallel between our murderer Charlie Frost and ‘Charon’, the boatman from ancient Greek mythology, (who would require a payment to cross into the underworld, and the reason why ancient Greeks were buried with coins.) I enjoyed this extra element as it gave the killer a bit more of a motive- he required a fare from his victims in order to spare their lives. We also removed some of his footsteps and laced his sounds with guttural animal noises, to try and make him more ethereal and non-human. All in all I enjoyed playing with the style of the film and am proud of what we achieved with our production limitations. I also feel this character concept could be explored further.

  • Digital (Canon 7D)
  • Running time: 9 Minutes
  • Producer & Director: Alexander Nally
  • Lead Actors: Frankie Spires, Tessa Stanway
  • Sound Editor:  Joe Birch