After a fatal collision on the M40, Police Liaison Officer Colin Walters is called upon to deliver the terrible news to the next of kin. As he faces another day, he braces himself for their anguish. But no one realizes that Inspector Walters himself is struggling to deal with his own personal grief.

Shown through the eyes of a man whose job it is to deliver bad news with no regard to his own, this is a delicate story about dealing with loss.

From conception to completion this film was created in just over two weeks. A personal achievement considering I had no previous experience in writing or directing for film.

The idea had resonated with me after watching a real-life documentary about a police liaison officer who entered a house to deliver fatal news to unknowing family members and then leave in a professional manner until he was back in his car where glimpses of sorrow appeared. I always wondered what had happened in that house and how they responded to him, but more importantly I wanted to know more about this police officer and how he deals with situations like that every day. This film is a kind of homage, not only to those policemen who are just as human as the rest of us, but to anyone who has ever lost someone. It is not easy putting a false smile on when we are sad, but it is comforting to know that we all share in the pain of the world.

After taking an interest in the script, I was blessed with casting Andrew Paul as the lead for this film. He was a familiar policeman’s face from British television drama; “The Bill” and gave a superb performance. His character maintained a professional front, while allowing glimpses to the truth behind his feelings before the young boy eventually brakes down his wall at the end.

The interactions with the public are in some ways clichéd and superficial, but I wanted to try and maintain the focus on the police officer at all times. Nevertheless I also tried to capture the feeling of the intrusion he made upon them. His knock on the door followed by a quick glimpse to those inside was an attempt at dramatic irony and pathos for their characters- A horrible reminder to the audience that this could happen to anyone. The film is by no means technically perfect, but I hope you can appreciate the intensions of its creation.

  • Digital (Sony EX3)
  • Running time: 9 Minutes.
  • Writer & Director: Alexander Nally
  • Lead Actors: Andrew Paul, Sam Rankin, Pauline Whitaker.
  • Producer: Guljan Begum