A modern re-telling of the famous biblical story about two brothers from a farm who get into an argument in the beautiful British countryside.

This project was a last minute film thrown together in a couple of days; nonetheless it was an idea that had been brewing with me for a while.

Originally it was going to be filmed on an old 16mm Palliard Bolex camera but the owner struggled to find enough spools to realistically operate in the field so we abandoned the project. Then my friend Bart from the Netherlands came to Oxford for a long weekend. We decided we wanted to shoot something for fun and calling on Joe, who lived locally, we had a nice crew of three and I decided to step into my acting shoes- something I hadn’t done for a very long time. Meanwhile Edward Hornsby, a young actor I’d worked with before agreed to play my little brother. We hired some equipment and then spent a full day filming.

My favourite aspect of this film is that all the locations we chose to film in were the very same locations I’d spent my childhood roaming with my own brother. However I never had an urge to kill him, so found it hard to motivate my character and therefore feel the story suffered and fell a bit flat. Considering the sudden spontaneity of the project we still achieved some nice moments amongst some beautiful scenery. This is not my strongest work, but we learned a lot from it. Mainly that you cannot truly direct and act at the same time.

  • Digital
  • Running time: 3 Minutes
  • Writer & Director: Alexander Nally
  • Lead Actors: Edward Hornsby, Alexander Nally
  • Cinematography: Bart Janse
  • Audiography: Joe Birch